Naturally Healthier Lifestyle is an information blog set up by Caroline Mugoh. The idea was born after a personal experience of losing her brother to brain cancer. In the course of research, she realised that with more knowledge on alternative and natural remedies for cancer, there was a great chance he would have lived.


Caroline’s story


In February 2007, when all seemed to be going just fine, suddenly my then 25 year old youngest brother Moses, who was the only other family I had in the U.K, was diagnosed with brain cancer, in particular Medulloblastoma which we learnt is very rare in grown-ups. This marked the turning point in my life. We made endless trips to the hospital for endless treatments starting with brain surgery, radiotherapy then chemotherapy and all in vain. Finally in September 2008, a senior oncologist at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool, very harshly, informed me and Moses, there was nothing more that could be done medically, as the cancer had spread all over his body and hence my dear brother was declared terminally ill and referred to the lovely Macmillan nurses for palliative care.


Having previously graduated with an MSc in Information Systems, I loved spending time 'digging' the web. So it came naturally to turn to my computer for answers which no one else seemed able to give at this point. I started doing my own research into cancer cures with the hope of discovering a ‘miracle’ which would save my brother from going to the grave. Sadly, in all the confusion and panic, I did not find the cure and my brother lost his cancer battle on 2nd January 2009. I however, did not give up on my search. Something in me had been awoken by my experience looking after my ill brother. In what I see as a labour of love for Moses, I continued researching. I read any material / article I came across mainly online, be it on facebook, twitter, google search…anywhere I saw anything on cancer! I started buying books about cancer, alternative cancer treatments, herbal remedies, nutrition etc and slowly found myself reading about the body’s health not just cancer. I discovered the body works as a whole and has to be treated as such not as segments of illness.


While my brother had been ill, I had not known any reliable source to get information about alternative treatment and as information is not regulated per se on the internet, it was hard to tell how to decide what to believe. So, even though I was reading a lot of literature, I found it hard to narrow it down to what works and what was a scam from people taking advantage of desperate cases of patients wanting a cure for their ‘terminal’ ailments. I then came across a man who refers to himself as an informer – Bill Henderson. The author of ‘Cancerfree’ which I bought and read….I got to speak to Bill on phone as he lives in America. That one hour conversation opened my eyes and my brain to yet another world of the simplicity of the complexity! I learnt how to discern useful information. I then realised I started meeting lots of people who either suffered from one condition or the other, but who were always amazed when I told them about different natural remedies they could try which seemed to make a difference, some improving how they felt and even others no longer experiencing any symptoms they previously experienced. This encouraged me to keep researching. I joined online health forums and got in touch with people with nutritional knowledge, herbal knowledge, medical knowledge – all fields of health.


With all the knowledge I gathered, I became a ‘natural’ person in many ways – all natural food, natural supplements, natural creams etc which improved my own health drastically. The simple natural lifestyle changes I adapted helped me recover from what I thought were normal conditions I had to live with all my life – asthma, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), loss of voice, skin problems, pins and needles etc. Had I known where to find reliable information while my brother was ill, I would definitely have applied a few alternative methods to help him deal with the effects of the cancer treatment and who knows, he may well be alive today! That is when it occurred to me I could share the outcomes of my research with more people online who may be in the kind of situation I found myself in desperately trying to help a loved one. My quest for knowledge and information about food / nutrition and it’s role in maintaining or restoring health, is unquenchable! It has now become a passion to find out more and more. That’s what marked the birth of the idea of my blog on Natural Health.


My aim is to reach out and try to help someone else who is in a similar situation. Also, to help a healthy person wanting to be even healthier and avoid falling into the pitfalls of ‘major’ illness. I am just a very passionate ‘researcher informer’ as Bill Henderson would say. Someone who is passionate about natural health as nature intended it and never tires of researching more and more. Someone who respects conventional medicine and the tireless and very intelligent work of medical doctors and consultants, but also realises the major role of food and natural ingredients availed to us by nature and their place in leading a very healthy natural life as was originally intended when we were created. Information is power – how you chose to use it, is your own prerogative.


My Philosophy


I believe in God and the Holy Trinity. I'm a Christian, a natural health enthusiast, advocate, informer and blogger. I'm also highly motivated by learning from others and sharing knowledge. Sharing is caring.  I believe God created me and each one of us and put us here on earth for a purpose. That purpose is to serve Him by doing the task He has appointed and assigned us to do.  There are many ways of serving God which to me is by sharing yourself in service to others in whatever it is you do every day, be it in your business, career or just as a good neighbour.

To me, my blog is a lot more than just a platform for information. It is my way of sharing the love God has showered me with by revealing and continuing to reveal many more ways of helping his "children" out of pain be it physical, emotional or spiritual. I believe medicine and nutrition can assist the body to heal physically. But without love, we are not fully healed. God is the only one capable of unconditional love. I encourage others to seek God to find true love and complete healing. His love is abundant as reflected by the pity His son Jesus showed upon the sick, healing them and even raising the dead.  God wants us to live a full live, full of love and abundance.


"If you love, you have done everything." ~ Jesus Christ


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